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Today is August 27th, 1904. Nine months ago, you, Emilia Vittorini, joined the Italian Archeological Expedition in Egypt led by Ernesto Schiaparelli, the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. You are now back in Genoa, Italy: your steam ferry arrived three days ago with 25 wooden boxes containing Queen Nefertari Meritmut's grave goods, a real treasure! They left Genoa by train, heading towards Turin, yesterday evening. While they were in transit, you were invited to a sumptuous reception organised by a wealthy art lover, Eugenio Collovati, count of Raligotto, but it would be hard to say that you appreciated the evening.

But the reception was yesterday: now, you must catch the train to Turin and check that the treasure arrived safely. I will be your eyes and ears. Good luck.


C64, VIC20+32K, C128, Plus/4, PET models with at least 32K of RAM, Amiga, CPC 664 or CPC6128, MSX, ZX Spectrum 48K, MS-DOS, Macintosh 68k, CP/M, Olivetti M20, RC2014, Commander X16.


The Queen's Footsteps is a text adventure game that you can play on your vintage computers. A text adventure is a game where all the interaction takes places with textand you instruct your alter ego by typing command at a prompt. The rest is done by your fantasy!

Here are some important commands:

look: describe again the location where the player is present 

examine object: describe the specified object 

north or n or go to north: moves to the north, if possible. Other directions are sewupdown

The command bye allows to exit from the game and restart well... it restarts it. You can take objects that you "notice" and you can have a list of carried objects with inventory.

The following abbreviations are available:

  • l for look
  • x or ex for examine
  • i or inve or inven for inventory

The game is divided in four parts. When you complete one of them, you will get a code that allows to immediately jump to the beginning of the next part. Write down that to resume the game in the future. Passwords are important, write them down!

On some platforms, you can save and load the game (use  save and  load).

You can freely download a digital version of the game with no restrictions. A physical distribution of The Queen's Footsteps can be pre-ordered on the poly.play webstore: https://www.polyplay.xyz/navi.php?qs=footsteps


Draw a map! Examine every object mentioned in the description, it may reveal other details of the story or contribute to the general atmosphere. Think outside the box: to open a locked door you don't always need a key! In general, while playing the game, do not adopt "use" to perform an action, try to be more specific: "pour water on fire" may be better than "use water with fire".

Install instructions

The links point to my blog: Davide Bucci's The Queen's Footsteps

You will require emulators to play the game if you don't have the original hardware.

Execute the MS-DOS version with a machine providing ANSI.SYS for a better experience or use DOSBOX on a modern computer.

Macintosh version runs on System 6 machines (but cannot load and save games) or on System 7 with no limitations.


Commodore 64 disk image
Commodore VIC20+32K disk image
Commodore 128 disk image
Commodore Plus/4 disk image
Commodore PET disk image
Commodore Amiga disk image
CPC 664 or CPC 6128 disk image
MSX tape and cart images
ZX Spectrum 48K tape image
ZX Spectrum +3 disk image
MS-DOS executable
Macintosh 68k disk image
CP/M executable files
Olivetti M20 disk image
RC2014 ihx files for the hexload tool
Commander X16

Development log


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  I use OpenMSX, too (version 0.15.0). If you prefer to use the rom files (in the "rom" directory of the archive), you just have to select "Load ROM... (slot A)" in the emulator, then select one of the three files (for example "MSXqueens1.rom") and then "Autodetect (guess)" for the choice of the mapper type. The game should start automatically.

The address 0x4000 is the starting address of the ROM to be mapped in the emulator. If you select "Plain rom starting at 0x4000" in the mapper type, the game works, too. However, the emulator seems to guess correctly the address with the simple "Autodetect".

Hope it helps,


Thanks Davide. I wasn't able to get to work so i have run it on my c64 and its going well. I like the look of the font in that version.

Just wanted to come back and say i really enjoyed this. I found the commands needed to be tough to guess. I was correct in what to do but I wasn't typing it the right way. More generic commands such as "use X" didn't seem to work as much as i thought they would. Great story. 

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Thank you for your kind comment!

If it can help future players who will read the comments,  in general, I would advice to avoid to adopt "use" altogether in the game, to prefer more specific actions. One can complete the game using verbs such as taketiejumptalk, wearread, examine, throwput, give, drive, try, break, pour, turn, touch, plus the common directions, etc...

Sometimes, "use" is recognized as a synonym of a more specific action, sometimes it doesn't.



P.S. if you finished the game, write me privately (there is an email on my blog) with the final password, I'll add your name to the hall of fame on my blog.

By the way, I would like to add that someone has put together an online MSX emulator where the game can be played:




i'm  having an issue getting the rom to run in openmsx. What does it mean in the instructions "to be loaded from address 0x4000"?