Physical edition by!

Dear all,
   I reached an agreement with, who decided to distributed a physical version of Silk Dust. It is possible to pre-order the game on the website now, but I currently do not know when the game will be shipped, exactly. In the nice and colorful box, you will find some nice goodies, as usual by

I hope you will enjoy!!! As usual, the digital download here or on my blog will remain free.



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I did have a question: is there any way to put a Splash Screen in the Commodore 128 version? I really like the 80 columns when it comes to text adventures, and i like your artwork (like on the Plus/4 version)

It's true that I have prepared a splash screen for the C128 version of The Queen's Footsteps, but not for Silk Dust... Something to think about...    :-)

That'd be awesome to see on the C128 - i'm getting a copy regardless, as i don't have many boxed C128 games. 


Hello! I updated the C128 version of Silk Dust. Can you please try it again and let me know if there is something different this time?

Hmmm, nothing appears to be different. It loads exactly the same. I'm pretty sure i used the correct file.

That's strange, I just tried again downloading the files from and running on the Vice C128 emulator and it shows a splash screen. Can you please try again? Maybe the files are cached somewhere?

Awesome!  I'll be sure to order one.

Same for me!