Original soundtrack for Silk Dust

Hi to all,
   I was somehow inspired by the recent decision of Poly.play to distribute a physical version of Silk Dust, so I decided to write a few pieces of music dedicated to the game. I put them on SoundCloud in this playlist:


I tend to publish a new piece every two or three weeks. For the moment, there are four short pieces: Villa Briccorosso, Augusto's theme, Gardens of Varenna, The Ride. I hope you will like them!

 In my plans, I hope to get about 40 min of music composed to complete the playlist in the  future.



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Hey Davide, 

that are great news. :) I have allready heared some them after you published a link on a1k.org. I pretty liked them. :)

Just the best for you and your projects :))

Thank you very much!!!

I published a new short piece this evening. It is called The Dynamene. I hope you will like it!

Cool! Just got the boxed copy from Poly.play today. I'm burning this to Minidisc right now, so I can have a go at it tonight. Thanks!

That's great! I hope you are going to love both! Leave some space left on the Minidisc, as I will probably publish a new piece within the next few days.

Oh, yeah MiniDiscs I have also a player since last year... They are a great media...

Just .... WOW! Thank you so much!

My pleasure!!! I'm glad that you appreciated.